Record penalty in coronavirus restriction!


Record penalties were written in Antep because of the virus! According to the information received, the traffic teams, which inspected the curfew in Gaziantep yesterday due to the corona virus measures, imposed penalties on 170 drivers and banned 68 vehicles from traffic.

In the last 24 hours of the 56-hour curfew, teams of the Traffic Inspection Branch Directorate of Gaziantep Provincial Police Department inspected 2,308 vehicles at the checkpoints established in the city center, districts and intercity highways. During the inspections, traffic safety and the safety of other citizens endangered 3 drivers from drinking alcohol, 3 drivers for red light violations, 31 drivers for speed violations, 8 motorcycle drivers from various substances, 2 drivers from using mobile phones while cruising, 10 drivers from driving without a license, 5 drivers from traffic signs. A total of 170 drivers, passengers and license plates were processed, including 108 drivers for violating other traffic rules.

In addition, it was learned that 68 vehicles were banned from traffic and 3 driving licenses were seized during the inspections. From now on, everyone has to be more careful!


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