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First of all, let me state that we started the second period of 2012. I was in fourth grade. A rumor spread. In case a new system called four plus four plus four would be introduced. We wondered with friends, and we researched and learned that eight-year compulsory education will be increased to 12 years. On February 20, 2012, the fifth group vice president of the Justice and Development Party presented the stratification of compulsory education as four plus four plus four to the Turkish Grand National Assembly. We all started to have ideas. This does not take effect immediately. No infrastructure work. A pilot application is required. Speaks like the curriculum needs to be prepared again …

While we were discussing our ideas, it was quickly accepted in the commission on 11 March 2012. We are all confused and we all are sad. Parents complain, “It can’t be such a thing.” The children are upset that they will leave us after the fourth grade. Primary school curricula were prepared for five years. Main subjects were given in the fourth grade and were reinforced in the fifth grade. For us it would be an unfinished education. It would be a pity for the children as the subjects would not be settled. We are very sorry …

Meanwhile, the starting age for first grade was reduced from 72 months to 60 months. It is another problem. Many private schools that year enrolled 72-month-old children in first grade. Now there were children who were 60 months old. There was a lot of confusion. Considering the individual differences between the age groups of the students, our sadness increased even more. Even the difference of two months between first grade children is very important. We took away the right of children who started at an early age to be leaders. Fortunately, the error has been reverted. Education is like a puzzle anyway. Everybody does something to make changes. As the name and form of the exams changed.

Time passed quickly. On June 20, 60-72 month old children entered LGS together. In 2024, they will enter YKS together. I wish you success.

I came to my fourth grade. And like them, all the students who will enter YKS this year… have grown up… enter YKS. I’m just as excited as they are. The exam has been postponed, the exam dates have changed and they came to these days, experiencing their concerns. Covid-19 was added to their concerns. The anxiety whether the necessary precautions have been taken or not… the anxiety about whether the exams will be taken with or without a mask.

Exams have become a part of our life. one ends and the other begins. I wish everyone could enter the high school they want at the end of so many exams, everyone should go to the university they want. If he gets a job in his field when he graduates. If you started working… without the army of the unemployed. We do not feel pity as we see unemployed graduates every year… I wish our youth did not have to enter KPSS when they graduate from university. Come on, they entered. Even if they get high scores, even if they get stuck in the construction and those with torpedoes are not taken. If everyone could get their rights.

All our wish is that students grow up with a good education. The aim of schools is to add skills to students at all levels of education. The philosophy should be to raise generations that can think faster and have the ability to analyze and synthesize. Every school, starting with kindergarten and primary school, should create its own identity. Schools should have competitiveness and a chance to offer differentiated models. I wish that we will have the opportunity to give this chance to future generations with a forgotten national education system.

You will take the exams that you endeavor to earn at the weekend with great efforts. I wish all young people to be rewarded for their labor. You are coming out of a tough war. I am sure you will succeed. I wish calmness and clarity of mind. I love you. Always keep this in mind, dear friends. Stay with love…:))


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