Hearing loss needs attention!


Special MMT American Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Adem Baltacı gave information about “The Importance of Hearing Loss in Children” within the scope of March 3, World Ear and Hearing Day.

Stating that 32 million children in the world and 2 million 200 thousand children in our country have hearing loss according to the World Health Organization, Private MMT American Hospital ENT Specialist Op. Dr. Adem Baltacı said, “As in the disease, early diagnosis is very important in hearing loss that develops in children. The reason for this is that most of the speech functions of children are largely completed in the first 2 years of age ”. ENT Specialist Op. Dr. For this reason, Adem Baltacı pointed out that every child should undergo an ear examination and hearing test in the newborn period and before school, “In addition, not neglecting the symptoms observed in the child is of great importance in early diagnosis. Hearing loss in children can be easily detected with hearing tests after a simple ear examination, ”he said.

Detection of hearing problems in children

Especially in the first 6 months, Op. Dr. Adem Baltacı said, “If he does not imitate the sounds he hears in accordance with his developmental stages or if he does not react at all, it is one of the biggest symptoms of hearing loss. The inability to make simple meaningful speech sounds or to show familiar people and things between the ages of 6 months and 1 years, to be unresponsive and indifferent to the sounds coming from the environment between the ages of 1-2, watching loud television and not having the ability to speak should raise doubts about the possibility of hearing loss in the family and A doctor should be consulted immediately, ”he said.

Importance of diagnosis in treatment

Kiss. Dr. Adem Baltacı stated that it is very important to determine the cause and type of hearing loss in order to get successful results from the treatment. Stating that the treatment is determined according to the underlying cause, Op. Dr. Adem Baltacı, “Most of the hearing losses can be eliminated by simple methods such as cleaning the ear or removing the foreign body, and drug treatment. In some cases, such as fluid in the middle ear (gummy ear), the problem can be corrected by simple surgery. When diagnosed early, congenital or later. Social and educational problems that the child may encounter in the future can be prevented by means of rehabilitation with hearing aid, bionic ear (cochlear implant) and special training in cases of inner ear type losses. .


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